Top Notch Degenerates

Like many of you, I’ve watched in horror as sick freaks try to twist every aspect of the human condition into something out of a dystopian science fiction film. Not the good kind, either. The poorly written sort with unconvincing special effects, which air on some obscure channel on late night TV, usually watched only by cocaine addicts who cannot sleep, and are half considering switching to an infomercial.

First feminism, then acceptance of gays and lesbians, then celebration of gays and lesbians, and then the compulsion thereto.

Now we have the ultimate abomination. “Transgender” and “Gender Non-Conforming” ideologies are battering down our social norms with startling rapidity, and demanding not only acceptance, but preference and superiority over the family centered lifestyles which sustain our populations.

Since rational adults see this monstrosity for what it is, the ghouls who peddle it have relentlessly pursued our children with this filth.  The unceasing campaign of propaganda and coercion has resulted in, amongst other things;

These are by no means the only, or even the worst stories, either. I am stopping here only to avoid shocking the reader too much, and in the interests of time.

Literally every single day, dozens of stories are published about transgender children alone. Then there are the constant, once unthinkable, impositions on religious and even secular folks who even hesitate to endorse the transgender agenda.

The only thing worse than the news about transgender ideology, is the history. These ideas are not nearly so new as most people think, though neither have they always been with us, as the propagandists would have us believe.

The people involved have been organizing this revolt against nature for over a century.

Magnus Hirschfeld

Magnus Hirschfeld, a Jewish homosexual and cross dresser, originally from Poland. While studying for his doctorate he traveled the world, and in the various places he landed he immersed himself in varying homosexual subcultures. He ultimately planted himself in Berlin, where he also decided to make homosexuality a political movement.

In 1914 he wrote a book titled Die Homosexualität des Mannes und des Weibes (English translation: “The Homosexuality of Men & Women”), as an attempt to survey homosexuality around the globe. This became part of an effort to prove that homosexuality occurred in every culture. In 1897, he founded what he called the Scientific Humanitarian Committee, which aimed to repeal the section of the German penal code that had criminalized homosexuality since 1871. They coined the Orwellian motto “Justice through science” as they set themselves to make a mockery thereof.

In the course of his sexual adventures, research, and medical practice (in which some speculate there was substantial overlap between all three), Hirschfeld noticed that many of his patients, research subjects, and sexual partners, were committing suicide. Himself being a homosexual, it never occurred to him that homosexuality, or any of his own practices, had anything to do with this phenomenon. He blamed society, and German society in particular. This idea was rejected by nearly all right thinking people until very recently. The prevailing view of societies throughout the world at the time, held that there were few biologically degenerate homosexuals who had no choice in their sexuality. They in turn lured otherwise healthy boys into their lifestyle, as a means by which to reproduce. Until fairly recently, this view was regarded as mainstream and uncontroversial.

Notably, Hirschfeld became convinced that there was a close connection between the causes of homosexuality, and the abolition gender norms for women. He joined a feminist group in 1905, and through this advocated for the equality of illegitimate children, legalisation of abortion, and sexual “education” of children. He was also a blindly ideological racial egalitarian, who argued amongst other things, that the only difference between the bodies of German women and the Khoikhoi (known to Westerners as Hottentots) women of southern Africa, was the color of their skin. This was, and remains a preposterous claim by any scientific measure, as could be observed with the naked eye and common experience.

Hirschfeld’s exploits over the years were too numerous (and frankly disgusting) to detail here today, but we will talk about him more in the future.

Skipping ahead a bit, he categorised upwards of 60 “sexualities” including his coining of the German term transvestit in 1910, which translated to English reads, transvestite. Thus began transgender ideology.

On July 6th 1919, Hirschfeld opened the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute of Sexual Research) in Berlin. It was here that the first “sex reassignment surgery” was performed on a man named Rudolph Richter. Richter was 31 at the time his testicles were removed in 1922 by a Jewish psychiatrist named Felix Abraham. In 1931, a twice divorced Jewish doctor (who used to run a brothel), by the name of Ludwig Levy-Lenz, removed his penis, and later that year, fashioned a makeshift vagina using skills he had obtained doing reconstructive surgery during the First World War.

They performed such operations on a number of people, and since they were unemployable anywhere else, the Institute had a number of transvestite “maids” walking around at any given moment.

As the National Socialist German Worker Party gained influence, and German politics moved steadily rightward, Hirschfeld saw the writing on the wall, and left the country. He went on a bit of a world tour, and while in the United States he only spoke of legalizing homosexuality in German. When he spoke English, he only advocated for people to be more lax about heterosexual relationships, displaying a savvy understanding of how to move subversive and degenerate ideas along a certain devious path, to achieve goals a healthy society would outright reject if presented honestly up front.

On May 6th 1933, the German Student Union raided the Institute, and burned all of Hirschfeld’s books and journals rather infamously.

When I was taught about “Nazi Book Burnings” as a youth, I thought that was the worst thing anyone could do. “Why burn books? Just write better ones.”

I still tend to think that, but today we know why.

Today, conservatives are censored on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Amazon bans books it deems offensive. If you refuse to refer to a man in a dress with feminine pronouns, you’ll be assaulted, sued, framed for crimes, and fired from your job.

We find ourselves today, in the late stages of what Hirschfeld and his kind sought to foist upon the German people. These people do not let your ideas exist, they replace your ideas with theirs, and they use the force of the State to do it.

105 years ago Magnus Hirschfeld wrote his first book. Four years later, he opened a warehouse of sexual deviants, and within 12 years had begun chopping off penises with his fellow Jews and having their eunuchs prance around in women’s clothing, until a fascist government forced them to stop doing it.

Today, you are either ignorant of the facts, or you fear that your child will be the next victim of this insanity. Today, you are either an ideological freak who would sacrifice your child to the demons of social justice, or you live in fear that your child will be stolen from you when they come for him.

If you had the choice to vote for someone who would stop it, would you?

What if that person promised to hurt the people who were doing this to your country? Would you still vote for them?

I would. In fact, I wish we had done it a lot sooner.

Take Bradley Manning as a prime example of where this is going. Manning betrayed his country by leaking military secrets. In prison, he decided he was going to change his gender. As Barack Obama was turning our military into a social experiment, he did so, at taxpayer expense.

Then Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence, and he was set free. He became a hero of the Left. He ran for the United States Senate, and gained hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.

When a friend doubted the viability of his candidacy, Manning tweeted a picture of his painted toenails on the ledge of a 5 story building, threatening to jump to his own death.

So more than 100 years after Hirschfeld began his mission, a man who gained more support for his treachery and degenerate lifestyle than you or I will ever obtain for our decency, still felt compelled to kill himself, even as he sought to become our Master in the federal government.

And not a day goes by, where these same ghouls do not try to foist this affliction upon children as young as three.

They must be stopped, and the good news is that we can stop them with something we have ample access to.

The truth.


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